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NSCA Upcoming Events

The NTET webiste lists all the NTET Authorized Steam Rallies and Events in the country
If you receive Old Glory or Vintage Spirit will also find listings of events in the back of these magazines plus write ups and reports of events past - again a great way to find out what an event is really like.

NTET Events Guide

Old Glory Online - Live Events Guide

NTET Steam It Sundays

Sundays throughout the year. See <here> for details


Shuttleworth Collection Events <here>


NSCA Summer Tour, 12th -18th June 2017

There will be a Steam Car Tour under NSCA rules, but not necessarily limited to NSCA members, next June.

We have made arrangements to base the tour on ‘The Langton Arms’ in Tarrant Monkton near Blandford, Dorset. (thelangtonarms.co.uk)

This is a lovely pub in a small village full of thatched cottages. There is a fine restaurant and splendid bar meals and a genuine old skittle alley. There is also a field owned by the pub for all our kit. The location will be familiar to all those who have attended the GDSF and managed to get off site for an evening out!

If you think you would like to join us, please let us know as soon as possible because we can only hold the rooms for a limited period.

Lucy & Peter Williams

Anchor Cottage, The Common, Chipperfield, Herts. WD4 9BU

01923 263436