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The 'National Steam Car Association' (NSCA) owns the copyright to all the literary works of John N Walton of Kirk Michael, Isle of Man.These works include the 'Light Steam Power' magazines, published from April 1949 until October 1983 and also many works by the 'Bolsover Brothers'.

As the copyright owner, the association is keen to make as many of these works available to a wider audience as possible. However certain condidtions apply to the service that we offer.

As to the Magazine Articles:

Those wishing to read these articles can place an order through this site and, having paid a small fee (discounted to NSCA members) will receive a PDF file of the scanned article, as an attachment to an Email. This file can be viewed or printed by the recipient, entirely for his own use. Neither the file nor the printed output can be reproduced by any means nor published in any form without the prior written consent of the NSCA.

Articles can be made available to magazine editors on terms to be agreed in advance by the NSCA.


As to the Dimensioned Drawings.

These are made available as hard copies in priced sets. These copies must not be re-copied or reproduced by any other means and are solely for the benefit of the purchaser.


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