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The County of Salop Steam Engine Society Rally, Onslow Park 2017

  • steam car
  • steam car
  • Steam Car


Movie of >>Stanleys in the ring <<

Visitors admire the assembled Stanleys

"Firing up" for the parade ring

1909 Stanley Model U enters the parade ring
Picture by Steve Ivall

1910 Stanley Model 85 in the ring
Picture by Steve Ivall

1910 Stanley Model 70
Picture by Steve Ivall

A replica of Trevithick's Locomotive. The original was built by
the Coalbrookdale company in 1802. This replica was built by nine apprentices
from GKN Sankey between 1989 and 1990

Part of the "steam line"

Sentinels: 1926 Super Two-Speed Tractor, 1929 DG4 Tar Sprayer and 1931 DG4 flat-bed

1934 Sentinel S4

1921 Sentinel Standard 6 ton

"Little Sampson"

Burrell Devonshire "General C R Dewet"

Fowler general purpose traction engine "Roland"

Burrell traction engine (6NHP) "Spider"

Engines ready for the Grand Parade

Foden Colonial traction engine (7NHP) "Proud Mary"

Burrell Showman's road locomotive (8NHP) "Endurance"

Foden steam bus "Irene"

Engines powering the fun-fair

Onslow at night