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Steam Cars return to Woodstock, Vermont. August 6 to 11, 2017

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Clip of cars arriving at Don's Homestead by David Goddard
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A Drone flies over Woodstock by Madison and Lilly Herman
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Alex Joyce from Nashville, Tennessee, with his 1910 Stanley Model 60

1911 Stanley Model 85 of Don Bourdon from Vermont

Joe Boeri, curator of a museum in Windsor, Ontario, brought along this 1899 Locomobile
The number plate is stamped "1", and is the first car ever made

Richard Dickey from New Hampshire with his 1914 Stanley 607

Richard Dickey and Norm Shanklin, also from New Hampshire, with Norm's 1911 Stanley Model 85

Howard Johnson from Illinois with his 1917 Stanley 730

Nathan Dickey from New Hampshire bought this 1922 Stanley 740E at the Stanley auction just prior to the tour

The cars assembled at Don Bourdon's Homestead while the drivers and passengers enjoyed ice cream and maple syrup, cookies and lemonade

The 1905 White Type E of Michael Ersland from Oklahoma

Bill Parfet from Michigan with his 1912 Stanley Model 87 (a twin to Don Bourdon's '87)

It does rain in New England! Alex Joyce's Stanley gets wet

Norm Shanklin from New Hampshire in his 1911 Stanley Model 85

Don Bourdon's two Stanleys: Left, a 1911 Model 85 and right, a 1912 Model 87

Mike May from Michigan in his 1912 Model 88

The 1909 Stanley Model Z Mountain Wagon of Herman Bayerdorffer from Florida

Ralph Dykstra from Connecticut in his 1917 Stanley 725

Don crossing the Windsor-Cornish covered bridge between Vermont and New Hampshire. The longest covered bridge in New England

The Windsor-Cornish bridge

Twins: Don Bourdon's and Bill Parfet's 1912 Stanley Model 87s

Thanks to Diana and David Goddard for the above pictures